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1. The almighty ruler and grand poobah of anything that ever was, is, and ever will be toast and/or toasty.

2. a person who replaces any given word with the word "toast" or its subsidiaries.
1. I rule you beacuse I am the Overlord of Toast!

2a. Go toast yourself.
2b. "How are you today?" "I'm quite toasty, how are you?"
2c. Shut the toast up you mothertoaster!
by Toasty November 28, 2004

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Kylix is , a component-based development environment for two-way visual development of GUI, Internet, database, and server applications, will be powered by a new high-speed native Linux C/C++/Object Pascal (Delphi) compiler that will implement a Linux version of the Borland Visual Component Library architecture.
No, I do not have ESP. I have a stupid computer with a problem. Kylix == boobs. Still, what a great excuse to upgrade from a 486 to a Pentium 300, (and whilst you're about it James, could you fit a 2d-fx video card, another 32 meg of memory, a
secondary hard drive - 3 gig will do nicely thanks, a 56kbs modem, and sort out the scanner card...)
by toasty March 05, 2004

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A) a slightly height impaired person
B) the best techie ever in theatre related events
C) a hunter pet

Commonly referred to as Jacob by those not familiar with Tatro
Michael: "Send out your level 70 Tatro to start dealing DPS."
Brian: "I can't, he is busy checking the props table."
by Toasty March 10, 2008

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Hungry Howies (from hungry howies pizza) arch enemy, Full Frank
Full Frank put a brick through hungry howies window
by Toasty July 26, 2004

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jerkin' your shit to internet pron, or having your shit jerked by someone else.
Aaron and Phil said 'BRB' at the same time, so it was obvious they were feeding each other's ducks.
by toasty September 01, 2003

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a dry 'starchy' piece of toast, ie. rivitta or cracker
wow that starch would be nice with cheese.
by Toasty April 12, 2004

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