A woman (or girl) from the ages between 13-34 who is thick and juicy, like a starburst
Man: i was at the club and i swear to you i had a starburst

Man 2: ohh yeah i heard about that she was a twitpic, the only thing thick and juicy about her was her arm muscle, ha you were with a tranny

Man: But she was DTF tho'
by TimHeManColeman April 30, 2012
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Word favored by corporate managers to describe the act of bursting forth or blossoming.
I think this engagement will enable our reallocated resources to starburst their skills in a positive, creative manner.
by cribbageGuy April 12, 2004
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The candys motto is "Give me something juicy". It is used when texting a friend and asking for gossip.
1st txt-Starburst!!!

Reply: Miss XO just got dumped!
by Kettle K Kittridge March 18, 2009
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the skill of insinuating a sexual act by unwrapping the candy with the tounge
"after she showed my her starburst skill i needed a cold shower."
by n/a March 12, 2003
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to place a penis within the anus of another person
Oh baby, may I please star-burst your ass?
by Chantilly Lace February 03, 2007
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(n.) A sexual act when the woman's vagina is so loose that you can fit a whole fist(s) inside and once inside you open up your hand really fast and the woman screams with pleasure.
My girlfriend saw me eating candy and she asked if I had any starbursts.....so I gave her one.
by Nick Cowan March 15, 2006
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The act of where one or more partners has an orgasmic suckfest that is extremely pleasurable or a gay man.
George W. Bush Jr is a starburst.
"Dude, last night me and my mate Barry were watching multiple girls sucking off an elephant. It was a total starburst!!!"
by Natalia Zagosckidova August 10, 2008
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