A pink Starburst is the most prized of all Starburst flavors.

If someone is a Pink Starburst, they are a very special individual.
Never let anyone treat you like a Yellow Starburst. You are a Pink Starburst!
by mixxtionary December 25, 2017
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Turning a woman's asshole inside out during anal
I fucked her ass so much I gave her a pink starburst
by SteveyW November 7, 2013
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1.That's the truth, the whole truth nothing but the truth.

2. Being in total agreement with someone, something or an idea.
"Hey gurl, did u see the new renovations of our favorite store"
"Yes gurl it was so much easier to maneuver I was in and out in a flash and got everything done in an hour"
" An hour really it usually takes u all day to do even the simplest of tasks and that's on Pink Lemonade Starbursts"
" Girl well since I been dating & more relaxed I've been surprising everyone"

"We should get a stimmy everyday"
" And that's on Pink Lemonade Starbursts"
by Shek Dawg 98 March 19, 2021
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A desired color of a females vagina.
Her pussies color was "starburst pink" bro I could do her all night
by I Seek The Answers January 7, 2023
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