To root a girl really hard and the bed head board banging against the wall repeatedly waking your neighbors up.
by Shmeg March 3, 2005
Object that is struck repeatedly by a girl's head during a fuck session.
As I did her from behind, her head kept hitting the headboard.
by Travman December 3, 2002
To drive your partner into the headboard with repeated deep thrusts during wild, out-of-control passion.
I'll drive you to the airport to make up for the headboarding I gave you last night.
by DoTheBob February 16, 2011
a girl so ugly you have to stare at the headboard in order to have sex with her
That hideous man beast Orr brought over the other night was was such a headboarder i think i heard him crying in the morning
by rosco ruxpin October 24, 2006
When your bang session is so good that you destroy the headboard on the bed. Extra points for putting splinters in her hair.
Yesterday my chick and i were really tearing it up, i mean we were headboard bustin'!
by Mike Cheezmar December 15, 2012
the loss of intelligence or capcity for logical thought resulting from prolonged bashing of the head against a headboard during vigorous sexual intercourse; someone's brains have literally been fucked out
Britany Spears' recent(2007) downward spiral is directly attributed to headboard syndrome.
by passionjackson April 2, 2007