A sexual act in which the hand is inserted into the anus and the fingers are spread out to maximize pleasure
Starbursting is only for the super troopers of anal stimulation.
by Stupendis December 07, 2013
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A mode of space travel akin to making a jump to "hyperspace" (as in Star Wars). Only a leviathan spaceship can starburst. Starbursting has a partially random output vector, so you never quite know where you will end up. From the TV show Farscape.
"Talyn, starburst"
"Tell Moya to go to starburst now!"
"We've lost them. They went to starburst."
by Artemus Sol March 13, 2004
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Starburst (adj. or n.) – A Caucasian female with an enlarged posterior end. The basis for the definition is that is considered, just as Starburst are, a “Juicy Contradiction”.
"Hey you see that girl the big ass that just passed by?"

"You talkin about that starburst?"

"That girl has a starburst."
"Straight up juicy contradiction."
"Yes sir, girl got a whooty"
by ColdCreACEtion December 04, 2013
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During (or after) sex, the blurs of color you get after you try to move, get up, walk, etc afterwards. Starburst can make you temporarily blind until lights come on, or until you get a rush of blood to your head. Good luck making it to a stand, that is, if your knees don't give on you on the way up.
Girl: "Okay, let's change positions."

Guy: *pant* "Yeah, just gimme a sec...I'm starbursting big time right now."
by Chris Conkle August 24, 2007
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"Starburst" refers to a rare phenomenon,that blights misfortunate female adult film actresses. With the advent of "monstor cock" movies, the starburst has become a growing albeit still rare problem. A starburst is the painful consequence of a pornstar having either their vag or ring visciously split open by an enormous penis. The risk is magnified if 2 members enter one entrance in a double donging. Fisting is also a cause of intra pubic fissures.
What to do in the case of a Starburst emergency?
Well it goes without saying that prevention is better than treatment so the official line given from the starburst provention society is to : "apply copious amounts of KY in order to assist lubrication when shafting nasty bitches". Should a tear/starbust occur follow these proceedures, its as easy as S-P-U-N-K!:

1. STEM the flow of blood (place pressure on the surrounding area of the hole

2. PLACE an ice pack on said area

3. UTILIZE panties as a dressing

4. NOTE whether there is any swelling in the membranes.

5. KILL time by having a wank
(Applicable only to pornstars)
RECTAL STARBURST - back passage fissure
VAGINAL STARBURST- Serious split/tear of the pussy
A&E STARBURST- Extreme life threatening Starburst
S&M STARBURST - Purposeful split to create a pleasure/pain sensation -(use S-P-U-N-K if you decide to try this)
by Finesilver January 11, 2005
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A sexual position where the male fucks the female doggy style from behind while she is bracing on the bedpost until he is approximately ready to climax. He then grabs a handful of her hair on the back of her head and slams her head into the

back of the headboard, she then "sees stars" and then he spins her around and "bursts" into her face completing the move and providing maximum satisfaction.
by THE Submarine May 16, 2009
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