A reflexive expression made by musicians and music lovers - particularly those involved in Black American music scenes (funk, jazz, hip hop, etc.) - to show appreciation for a particularly stanky (i.e. funky) beat, solo, riff or bassline.

Not the face made by white, suburban women whose cats have shat up the litter box. (See Taylor Jones' blog post...)
When I first heard Vulfpeck's "Funky Duck" the musician who put the recording on for me knew I liked it because of my reflexive stank face (not duck face!). -- Taylor Jones, 2016
by December 12, 2020
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A human facial expression identified by a flaring of the nostrils and raising of the upper lip which is caused by '70s influenced funk bass playing.
Marcus Miller gets that stank face when he play!
by hannybobo December 28, 2011
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The face one makes when popping and taking it to the next level by letting the nasty out.
Damn, did you see G sautéing that broccoli in olive oil and garlic, with his stank face on?
by GPto-theP March 24, 2009
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In the context of music: A word for the facial expression that someone will use when they enjoy a particular aspect of music.

Characterised by either a scrunched up face, narrowed eyes and closed mouth
Or loose and droopy, as if their face was just melted off.
This is usually paired with a head or neck that is "bopping" up and down to the beat of the song. The whole body can be pulsing with the groove of a song, it doesnt have to be just 1 body part as each case of stankface is unqiue and every person has a unique one

E. G. A really funky bass line

Any form of music can trigger a stank face. It doesnt have to be the genre of funk (frequent case). It is entirely personal as to ehat someone finds groovy.
"Jeez man, that Bass hit so hard it gave me stank face."

"The fact you have a stank face right now shows me you like the song."
by Discreet Hobo November 11, 2021
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smoking marajuana excessively from a blunt.
I love rollin up an ounce of the sour deisel and blazing until I am stank-faced.

I got so stank-faced last night that I passed out.
by Brownstein October 11, 2005
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v. - to show disapproval in a facial expression.
He gave me a stank-face when I played that song.
by chrisrich February 9, 2010
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Adj. Noun- The look of jealousy when these ho's see you and you're still popping and they're not.
Ex. Brittany had a stank face when she seen Bella 3 years after high school because she still looked great.
by Pretty Pettywap November 19, 2017
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