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A human facial expression identified by a flaring of the nostrils and raising of the upper lip which is caused by '70s influenced funk bass playing.
Marcus Miller gets that stank face when he play!
by hannybobo December 28, 2010
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When you see someone who's natural expression for that day or moment looks like a combination of being pissed off, and smelling something awful.
Jenna spilled wine all over her new top. Now she wears a stankFace for the rest of the evening.

"See that girl over there. Why she giving me the StankFace."
by InfuseMuse September 23, 2014
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Adj. Noun- The look of jealousy when these ho's see you and you're still popping and they're not.
Ex. Brittany had a stank face when she seen Bella 3 years after high school because she still looked great.
by Pretty Pettywap November 21, 2017
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The facial expression indicating a real bad stank.
The smell of cat piss always gets a really bad stankface..
by KImCobain July 05, 2016
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The face one makes when popping and taking it to the next level by letting the nasty out.
Damn, did you see G sautéing that broccoli in olive oil and garlic, with his stank face on?
by GPto-theP March 23, 2009
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When someone's face is so nasty it demands it's own adjective. (stank face) If you'd like to see one, Google Larry King without his makeup on.
"Did you see that girl's mom?"
"Yeah man, she has a total stank face."

Larry king without his makeup on.
by Cass719 August 03, 2010
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