A state of euphoria attained after approximately 2 days of smoking marijuana. The sensation has been described to impact almost instantaneously with no identifiable triggers, but only lasts from about 30 seconds to 2 minutes. It is also described to be much like a very mild body and mental high. Not to get confused with a weed hangover, which is said to be a negative effect, while an after high is usually pleasurable, just like being high.
Dude I smoked like 2 days ago, and then got my after high today at practice while talking to Coach!
by aristotlewannabe February 5, 2014
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After being high from smoking 2 or more blunts & your tired out of nowhere.
Maria smoked 3 blunts with her friends & now she’s high and taking a after high nap.
by Du Bose0130 June 10, 2019
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When a female that was sexy in high school becomes ugly or unattractive after graduation.

When you go to college and come home and the girls that were attractive in high school are ugly as fuck
Man I just saw Sarah at Walmart, and that bitch is suffering from After High School Syndrome.
by @Real_KDeVante January 8, 2012
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