Commonly used on the internet in place of the word what. Although it may be a typographical error in many instances, it has now almost replaced the word what.

A similar relationship exists between the and teh.
Ehat the hell are you doing man?
by BobbyJoeJoe May 7, 2007
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Famous slang used by members of the famous discord anarchy server, Animosity.
Ehat are you doing meek man?
by The Actual Hand Of God February 11, 2021
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Common misspelling for what. Most common for lazy people who type too fast.
by The coolest guy on here March 21, 2022
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A name for heathadair, a Sraffie on the Republic of Heaven.
Oh ehater, we all love you so!
by mrs_turtle April 8, 2006
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Ehate also e-hate . Opposite of being admired or loved on the internet.

Also unofficially defined as "one to be hated by an online cummunity or subsidiary".

The word was (accidentally) coined on the Newstoday community by a dyslexic member.
"Everyone logged his IP, from Flickr to Myspace; he is banned for life. This guy is seriously ehated"
by David "Goozebump" August 17, 2005
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Most commonly seen when a certain retard attempts to say “bitch what?”. Used only by the tardest of tards and can quickly dub the user as “sped
This dumbass Johnathan said “Biggs ehat?” and the whole group chat made fun of him for years.
by Chunktastical June 20, 2019
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