The unspeaking, unable to function state of someone after taking a shit load of drugs.

Derived from computer lingo. When in Standby mode there is still power but the computer is not functioning. This is similar to the high as fuck brain.
What’s wrong with your man?

Don’t mind him...he’s gone into standby mode!
by Vivalamel February 19, 2019
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A man who one is able to fall back on as a last resort; someone who is kept in readiness to serve as a substitute.
Nancy: Hey, why don't you ever go out with So-and-so?
Claire: I don't really like him, I just keep leading him on in case things don't work out with What's-his-name.
Nancy: Oh, so he's your Standby Stan.
by signthecontract December 22, 2008
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When someone is so emo, the've gone catatonic. (As created by Kendrea)
Person one: "Hey, where's Dana?"
Person two: "Every since Kyle broke up with her, she's been on emo standby."
Person one: "Dang. That sucks."
by Logan CD August 15, 2006
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When a man or woman doesn't close the deal or commit to plans because he/she wants to keep their options open in case someone younger and hotter comes into their drunk or stoned field of vision.

Mostly men are notorious for this behavior but some women play this game too. Younger women in their 20's tend to like playing this game with the boys more than older woman who don't like being toyed with too much.
Jill wanted to go to the show, but made other plans for fear of rejection or appearing desperate aka COCK STALKER.

"Did you hear from that cute guy you liked last night or still on booty call standby?"
by Mattress Tester January 06, 2012
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Someone who is a raging homosexual who is even thought to be cheating in anything including life but especially Halo because they are pussy fags who use a fucking sword to ass rape you as you are in blue screen. I hope they get ass raped by a metal pole with spikes covered in herpes.
That standbying sword noob just standbyed and sworded me what a noob!
by Alfred William Harding IV January 25, 2008
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Standing at the door or hallway, waiting to leave.
Kristina, you better hurry up, your B/F is standbye.
by Elvo March 07, 2008
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(noun) A military junior enlisted or private's exceptionally loose female thing that show a readiness for duty or deployment to engage is sexual activity especially with newer military personnel . She is marked by having questionable morals, and can be available on a whim for sex at the barracks, in the car, off-post, at the club, or wherever it may be most convenient. She can be found with several accounts on various social media outlets to be better available. There is no emotional attachment or involvement simply just physical gratification.
"Dude, who was that skanky female waiting outside the barracks for you at the end of the day?" "Bro, that was my standby ho."
by somethingwicked March 20, 2016
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