To wait while someone you know or even yourself looks for something they should already know where its at. To wait or be put on delay for a stupid reason.
Stand-by while i look for my car keyes we're clearly not going anywhere for a while.
by badfish22brandy November 08, 2009
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(noun) Synonymous with booty call and FWB, a girl who you're not in a relationship with, but who will drop everything and come over to have sex with you the minute you ask. She is said to be standing-by, just waiting for your call, shelved as it were. A stand-by is usually a girl who really likes you and wants to be in a relationship with you, and keeps putting out, hoping you'll change your mind, and you just keep stringing her along for the easy sex. Women can have stand-bys too, but its usually more about dating than sex for them.
1. Daniel: "Man, am I ever horny tonight!"
Jonas: "Don't you have any stand-bys? Call up that Andrea chick. She'll come over and do you."

2. Krista: "I have no one to go to the dance with on Friday!"
Marie: "Call Keith. Isn't he your regular stand-by?"
by kevnar February 15, 2007
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Usu. in Halo 2 on Xbox Live when a player presses the standby button on their modem to give themselves an advantage by making the other players or the other team lag. Often recognized by the omnious blue screen. Stand by has recently been fixed but is still said.
*Red team is sent to the blue screen*
Player 1: OMG! Stand by!!
Player 2: they fixed that mate.
Player 1: oh snap!
by Steakshack May 15, 2005
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A way of breaking the connection for you advantage in an online game. There are two ways to do this:

1. Pull the plag out of your router.
2. Press the standby button on your router.

It is used to cheat, and most of the people who do this are little kids that can't get past a legit level 20 in Halo 2.
I was about to kill him, but he pressed the standby button and assassinated me.
by Ian Trautner November 07, 2005
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The guy named steak shack is a fucking dumbass. Standby is when you are hosting an online game such as halo 2 you make everyone ekse basically disconnect from the game for about 4 seconds and in this time period you have to kill them real quick and then push the button again or put your cord back in or else it goes to the "ominus blue screen" as the dumbass said named steak shack lol stupid fat kid.

ME:"Ya, it's probably that fat kid named STEAK SHACK from urban dictionary.com"
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stand bying is a type of cheating in video games with connection. most common in halo 2 but u can do it in someothers games.
wen u stand by ppl go red bar or blue screen.
u can standby by
hitting ur standby button
having a team standby program so it will automatically stand by for you
take ur ethernet cord out and plugin it back in.
briging kind of goes with standbyin because briging alows ur to give connection to the standbyers on ur team
well wen i use to play me and my friend did this...

me:Yo kyle u ready?
kyle: u got the butter?
me: yea im ready to standby bro
by idontknowyou April 21, 2008
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