One who does not respond to external stimuli, for example through the senses. You could shoot a catatonic in the foot and they would not notice.

Very few people can ever achieve complete catatonic status. Those who do rarely recover, resulting in pain and untold suffering for the victim's family.
Keanu Reeves is a catatonic. His family must be counselled properly.

"Just stand next to Carrie-Ann and we'll do the rest!"

"Um.... I am The One!"
by Comrade Dmitri March 13, 2004
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Person suffering from extreme fear or anxiety, usually as part of their anxiety, personality, or psychotic disorders.
They do not move, not because they can't or because they are lazy, but because of fear, embarrassment, bad feelings.
Most of social anxiety sufferers resume normal moving, when they are alone. They only freeze when near people.
Besides not moving, they have other symptoms such as headache, toothache, jaw pain, because these organs freeze too.
When guests arrived at my house, my body started to shake, sweat, and I could not move for few hours.
When they left, I resumed my normal activities. Hell of a day! I think I am a catatonic.
by ExcellentRooster February 13, 2021
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One who has smoked to much marijuana and is beyond the highest point ever reached in (he/she)'s marijuana experienced.

The highest point that can be reached when smoking marijuana.
Forrest - Dude, Dave was Catatonic last night
John - I Know! he was on his ass.
by DJ_MaTRIX July 5, 2006
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Catatonia is the catatonic state of a person who has been admitted to the "Zone" when staring into space for a very very very very long time. Not a pleasant thing to experience cos the lights on but nobody's home.
Im out of my mind, please leave a message... i must be catatonic
by kkchaz November 10, 2010
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A medicine that makes you act like a cat
She meowed loudly after one dosage of catatonic
by kiera_the_cat December 5, 2021
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1: excitement, or excessive movement, is associated with extreme behavior directed toward oneself or others.

2: slang for a girl that gets hit on often because of her striking presence, energy, and swagger. When she enters a room, her ebullience is immediately felt. She attracts all genders; enjoys concubine rice. If she chooses to date you, you are deemed a lucky person.
ldub: I met this beeze the other night at a bar.

Sunshine: Oh yeah, what she like??

ldub: She's hot as hell, so damn catatonic. I'll be lucky if she call me.
by kittysbeeze June 14, 2010
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An insult that is the combination of calling someone one a rat and cat, which makes a combination of an even more effective insult.
Hilly: Sorry, I ate your lasagne from the fridge this morning
by darkgrey2000 June 8, 2018
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