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the school that everyone is jealous of. everyone who doesnt go to "twp" says its a crack school, we all know they are just jealous.
i wish i could go to "twp"
by mark April 26, 2005
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Kevin "Wanna know what the comeback tour is?"

Mark "What?"

Kevin "Kickass."
by mark October 23, 2004
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the noise that a tight virganal pussy makes when eating its first penis
ill be gentle making your gawoompy talk
by mark July 31, 2004
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a harmless idiot
scottish in origin
you are a daftie
you are a big daftie
by mark January 2, 2005
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A Society claiming that the Earth was once flat, and some evil people (somehow) turned the earth spherical. In my opinion a bunch of crackpots who make money by telling bogus stories (such as... the world is flat) and claim to have a large following.
So-called scientist: Contrary to belief, the World was once flat

Scientist: LOL
by mark October 10, 2004
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I am Karky
Fear my power of controlling/creating Wind. (and not only Via my ass)
Karky is someone who hates all townies and is a greb. ANIME rules but HENTAI rules better ^_^ WOO PORN
by mark June 19, 2004
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To Have lots of bum sex,the practicing of anal sex
Have you had an "Anal Adventure" today ?
by mark February 23, 2004
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