stamp, stamping.

to lick your girlfriends anus, then stick in your dick.

(licking a stamp. lick and stick.)
Stamping is a great way to start any relationship.
by mo1337 March 31, 2008
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When your arguing with somone, or calling somthing, You call stamps to insure your rightousnous or the fact that your right or you called the thing first. This can be countered by double stamps, triple stamps, or quadruple stamps but you cant usualy go beyond that because you dont know what you say for numbers beyond four.
If you call stamps you cant call the next stamps until the other person has said somthing. In other words you can double stamp triple stamp because thats illeagle.
1:I call first dibs.
2:...No I want it...
1. STAMPS!!!
1. ahh well, ahhh screw it i dont know what comes next.
by Garrett March 16, 2005
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The marks left on a man's forehead from another man's wet cockhead.
After James finished performing oral sex on Jason, Jason gave James several stamps.
by Websters66 February 6, 2007
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a tag or throw up on a sticker. makes for a quick tag. the stickers usauly used are over night postal stickes because there free.
by matches April 23, 2003
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If someone is asleep or not, to stamp someone is when you open up your but cheeks, and stamp your asshole against someones nose.
Diggy has no idea I stamped him at that party when he was passed out.
by jkslol February 5, 2007
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when there is no bottle opener handy, slamming the bottle top on a hard surface to release the cap.
- Where's the bottle opener, dude?
- Who cares! Stamp it on the coffee table.
by Lovekraft December 11, 2008
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It’s like saying I swear; telling the truth
Jayus: where you put the pen at?
Kendra: I stamp it was just here
by Chiefdols March 30, 2020
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