A new word invented by various hiphop/garage artists to mean those who are jealous of success. Or just people who have had enough of the violence which surrounds the whole scene, and have no respect for a music genre that is made up of murderers, drug dealers and adulterers that glamorise the aforesaid activities.
"So many haterz don't like us raking papers"
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People who think you are a moron. Using this term will do little to dissuade them.

Alternate spelling of haters, and used almost exclusively by girls in their early teens to defend pop act of the week. Exhibit A:

"a beautiful,talent full woman who stupid ass females tend to hate on coz she got the ability toget a man and they aint

i love ashanti she's great i wish stupid ass haterz like the other defenition writerz wouldn't hate on her pretty ass"
by marcata August 10, 2003
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Someone who dislikes others and thinks they're better than them.
Their are haterz everywhere in the world.
by Anonymous June 17, 2003
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someone who takes time out of their appearantly unbusy schedule to talk about people like ashanti because they cant be them.
there are so many haterz that wrote some of these definitions.
by ya man like me September 21, 2003
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"Haters" misspelled, usually by people who like the letter "Z" better than the letter "S" and think it's cool to misspell when they don't realize it just makes them look like uneducated idiots who needed to spend an extra year in the third grade. Often used in conjunction with other misspelled words in mispunctuated sentences.
"tHoZe pEepLe r ju$t HaTeRz."
by Julie Thomas July 1, 2006
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a person who hatez.
someone who disses on someone.
someone who disses on who u are, the way u act, what u do ect.
All my haterz are WAY lower den my friendz cuz my friendz dont diss on me.
by bobdafucknbuildr March 1, 2009
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These two haterz can eat a dick... ferreal
by olllllo October 17, 2003
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