The word made popular by Henry Winkler (aka Fonzie) and Sylvester Stallone as Rocky. The one word that every italian person in America said at least twice between 1975 and 2004. Originally made by the Italian-Americans of New York when wanting to address one another. Also known as eyyyyyy or eyy yo.
"eyyy johnnie...sit down..i make-a you a no pay for da pizza den i break-a yo neck eh?"

"Eyyy Mrs. C." "Oh hello Arthur. Won't you sit down and join us?"

"Eyy yo Adrian this isnt what it looks like."

"Hey Rocky!" "Eyyy Paulie!"
by Matt Lauro (BITCH!) December 8, 2004
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Something totally cool that the Fonz says.
The Fonz came up to us and said "eyyyyy!", and now we worship him for he is a god.
by bob December 1, 2003
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The term used on the great kik chat, #CheekyNandos and #Whathashtag, to display an interest and emotion for something someone has said. Created by the great Ross in 2K15 and now passed on to the rest of the bantersaurus rex's.
Ross: You look like trash, can i take you out?

Megan: Eyyy

Dan: Eyyy

Peter: Eyyy

Amy: Eyyy

Liv: Eyyy

Paige: Eyyy


Cam: Do you like me?

Ryan: Eyyy
Naomi: Eyyy
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when some one is worse than a dick head mostly used by chav's in the UK that munch on a bit of erect penis themselfs
chav 1: whats garn on eyy

chav 2: ya mam

chav 1: so's ya dad

chav 2: your a dick ed' eyyy!!!
by mark 'ya mam' wilson June 13, 2008
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