The guys all want her and the girls, they do too
Stacy went out with Susan on Wednesday, and still had time to go out with Mike later.
by Bahahhaha March 12, 2009
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Saltiest person you will ever meet
"Have you talked to her yet?"
"Yea dude Stacy is so salty."
by pimpdaddy1011 January 24, 2017
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Alternate term for ecstasy. Used mostly when trying to disguise what one is talking about.
Is stacy going to be at the party tonight?
by MandaWooWoo July 11, 2011
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A name meaning sock lover. They love all socks, any and all kinds such as cool socks, geeky ones, stripeded, checkered, and even naughty ones. Being named Stacy pretty much means you're one of the most amayzazing people ever.
Did you see that girl's awesome socks with the penguins!? She must be a Stacy.
by aznmnky November 29, 2011
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An awesome person,Caring,Intellegent,Loves her friends. Makes online friends more often that in real life friends. Dreams of having the perfect life and Guy/bf. Has fears. (of course) Loves Games,Art/Drawing. Very talented. Has a hard time in her life but deals with it. Has good friends. Some traits maybe are: Encouraging,Caring,Loving.
-Stacy:Hi! I'm new and when I saw your profile I thought you looked cool! And I wanted to be friends with you! If it's ok then Yay! If not then that's fine.
by Defines random things July 07, 2016
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Stacy is a girl who is very blunt and rude, but she has the biggest heart and is always the realist. She's funny , cute , and goofy. She will try to make up laugh if you're sad , she always put others before herself. She's been hurt all her life so when she tells you she loves you she means it. She is very weird and passionate about others. A shy girl in the beginning but makes sexual jokes , and is very loud once you get to know her. Has boys falling for her but she always have one boy in her head. She's loyal , but if you hurt her she won't come back to you ever again.
Wow .. I wanted to be a Stacy .
by AlohaaS December 22, 2016
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1) a very sexy, black, mexican, asian who is what you call a REAL friend and is loving and caring. if you mess with any of her close friends she will kick your ass!

2) a VERY great dancer!
1) my best friend is stacy... so don't mess with me!

2) damn she dances good! she must be a stacy!
by Mike Hancok March 08, 2009
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