You spelt nuts wrong you fucken idiot
"Whats a number between 40 and 60"
"Uhhh 50?"
"What the fuck are nuys?"
by Halal Hamoud September 21, 2021
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Various types of plushes. They can be animals, characters or other creatures. They are so adorable. They resemble babies. They are so soft. If you use Instagram, check out #ぬい (nui written with japanese characters)
I want to buy this *Nui* for my birthday.
by HalaylandEnd December 30, 2021
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From New Zealand, used as a slang abbreviation for towns with a native maori name ending in the suffix -nui. Nui, which means big in maori, is usually refered to as 'the nui' in places such as Wanganui, Mount Maunganui and Maraenui.
Yo i wore blue and my car broke down in maraenui and they all bashed me for it.

lets go to the nui for a holiday
by BPerry January 25, 2007
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One of the most cutest most adorable guys in the whole wide world, he can make you smile :)
Omfg that kid who made me smile is such a Nui

That kid is so cute he is SO a Nui
by CoreCorie October 14, 2011
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A slang term for a blonde male presumably gay
Damn! That kid's hair is so blonde, he's gotta be a nui!
by Deadlysquirrel January 4, 2005
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Neve And Luis are in LOVE
^^^^^ nuis
by Nuis March 21, 2018
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Maori, language of the indigenous people of New Zealand.

(noun) with deep affection - often used in signing off letters to friends. More correctly, it should be written as two words, aroha nui. See aroha, nui.

aroha: 1. (verb) (-ina,-tia) to love, feel pity, feel concern for, feel compassion, empathise. Aroha ana ngā tangi a ō mātou wāhine (HM 4/2009 wh1).The crying of our women was heart-rending.

2. (noun) affection, sympathy, charity, compassion, love, empathy. Tērā tātau e rongo kei te tuwha haere a Henare i ana hipi, i ana kau ki a Ngāti Porou, hei kaihaukai māna ki tōna iwi, he nui nō tōna aroha! (Pipi 7/1900 wh8). We have heard that, because of his charity, Henare is distributing his sheep and cows to Ngāti Porou as feasts for his people. See also aroha nui.

nui: 1. (stative) be large, big, many, plentiful, numerous, great, abundant, ample, superior, of high rank, important. He nui hoki ngā taika kei te ngahere tata atu ki taua kāinga (TTT 1/6/1923 wh3).There are also many tigers in the bush near that village. See also aroha nui.

2. (noun) size, quantity, vastness, greatness, importance, amount, abundance, plenty, rank

Te Aka Māori-English, English-Māori Dictionary and Index
Edition: 1st, Pages: 376, Edition publication date: 2005
Publisher: Longman/Pearson Education New Zealand
ISBN: 0-582-54836-5

Aroha, also a popular female name.
Mason, You are a cherished friend. Aroha nui, Ann
by Username3131 June 4, 2010
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