Just as James Bond was "007, licensed to kill", anyone who chooses to be ignorant and refuses knowledge, education, and proper use of their brain (i.e., critical reasoning skills) qualifies as "00-stupid, licensed to die."
Ex: Tea Partiers think they can leave the 99% behind and join the 1%, proving they are st00pid and don't belong at #OWS Rallies.

Ex: Anyone who refuses medical care for their children on religious grounds is st00pid and shouldn't be reproducing in the first place -- at least, not reproducing such beliefs in their children.

Ex: St00pid people want government to quit funding, regulating, and managing public education, because deep in their heart of hearts, they don't want to be alone.

Ex: Governor Rick Perry is st00pid: The more he publicly prayed for rain, the worse Texas' drought and fires grew. Finally, he shut up, and when the 2011 Annual TFC/AAA atheist conference came to Texas, so did the rains.

Ex: Creationists are st00pid. Need I say more?
by NetMyst November 27, 2011
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An alternate way to spell "stupid", usually to emphasize the stupidity of another, such as one who saves porn sites on their parents' computer.
Wow, this porn site sure is great, my parents probably won't check their favorites!
by Anonymous August 17, 2003
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(supporting adjective)

used to support a word for an exclamitory effect and also as a replacemet for words in a sentence. one must use the context in the statement to assume how st00pid is used.
1. Man we were making st00pid cash the other day!

2. Those cars were st00pid fast!

3. That shit was st00pid fun!
by Deez July 13, 2003
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Dude 1: d00d i'm liek so bak phrom doin st00pid stuf. whar'z d00d t00?
Me: Dude 3 killed him.
Dude 1: NOOOOOOO! that'z so st00pid!
by DoomBringer316 February 11, 2004
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The way "stupid" is spelled by a 12-year-old who plays at least 50 different internet games a week. Believes "l33t" is some divine language and that it should be used by everyone, too bad it's just an excuse for not being able to spell.
u r s0 st00pid ROFL!!! lik omg g3t a l1f3 rOFL!!! I'm c00l!! I 0wn j00! ROFL
by Davey June 6, 2004
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