So awesome that cool or kewl will not describe it.
Being a booshaw is sooo c00l.
by Potato-head February 17, 2008
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this word simply means: cool
this site is really c00l
by acerbiter June 30, 2005
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An adjective used to describe someone who is fun to play games with online, but you'd never hang out with him in real life.
Person 1: Jimmy, was showing me all the glitches in Halo the other day, he's really c00l.

Person 2: You wanna hang out with me and him this weekend?

Person 1: Hell no!
by MWebster5 October 14, 2009
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we made this by unknown :)!!
Ur a mega c00l kid :)
by itsleo April 2, 2021
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