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Is the multiple deposit of both fecal matter and ejaculate in one's under grament.

It is a derivitive of Squizzard (a very messy shit in your pants) and Whank
to materbate).
That Cat is so nasty his draws is all sqwankded up.
by Supreme November 25, 2004
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an expression used to fuck someboby up in a pressure situation.
for example your friend(ish) is kicking a field goal in madden 2004 and you want to screw him up you just say "sqwank" before the kick to get him out of his game.
by Ray Solorio December 05, 2003
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A combination of the words squint and wank. Generally used to to describe a neurotic looking female with a rather odd (sometimes muscular)build with too many protruding veins and strange bulging muscles. These females tend to squint. A Sqwank is prone to excessive workouts and most Sqwanks secretly smoke cigarettes in bathrooms. A Sqwank is a chameleon capable of fooling those around her into thinking she is quite attractive. This phenomenon last only a few seconds. Sqwanks can be manipulative as well.
Renee Zellweger,Madonna, Sarah Jessica Parker, Pink...all are Sqwanks.
by metneil June 24, 2013
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