A hyper aggressive cat of legend. That Cat will bite anyone in its path to world domination
Ahhh That Cat bit me
by shraleson September 29, 2017
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when a person makes the noice cat cat cat cat cat cat
by CATLOVER May 14, 2012
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Ninjas in fur suit with knives hidden in the paws.
When you cat(or cats) stalks the hallway at night? Yeah, it's training.
by iwillneverbeafraidagain January 18, 2012
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the most cuddly gifts from god.
Cats are my idol.

Cats are love. Cats are life.
by MyBigFatBoobs January 24, 2020
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U must be pretty stupid if you don’t know what a cat is
You just now: what is a cat?
Me: Who does not know what a cat is?
by you are reading my name May 07, 2020
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an epic creature that will shoot fire at you if you get near it. you can usually find one outside or near/in a house. its main abilities are to chomp and scratch but they can also pounce, shoot lasers out of their eyes, be cute, jump as high as they want, and fly. do not fight one unless you are equipped with extreme power armor and heavy assault cannons. its also better to bring multiple friends. dont say i didnt warn you when you get vaporized from being fooled by its cuteness.
i walked up to a cat and died because i wasnt well equipped
by bjc2002 February 20, 2013
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A small, usually furry creature. It chooses when it will send or receive affection. They will either love you or completely despise you, there is no inbetween. Will most likely control the human race in 50 years.
Person #1: What is that!

Person #2: Just my cat.
by M4ddie July 24, 2014
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