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a funny sounding word. may be used as a synonym for shit or the act of shitting, or as a synonym for the word wonky (meaning wack or defunct)
stepping in dog squonky is no way to start your day

man that sweater is straight squonky, you look like a damn fool
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A funny sounding noise, or something that looks wacky and wonky but in a groovy way. Like an out of tune piano being played or a loud, out there brass instrument. Squonky can also mean having a brilliant time & letting loose, when you're really goin' for it and you're in your element. For example, kids having a good squonk in the park. Or getting squonky to your favourite music, having a good dance and a woop woop boogie! It is definitely a good thing to be squonky.
The catbus and totoro in Ghibli's My Neighbour Totoro are well squonky.
by weesquonk September 12, 2014
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1) Another name for a inbreed redneck.

2) What you have when you breed a squirrel with a donkey.
1) Becky is such a squonky, her sister is her mom.

2) We didn't know what to feed the squonky, hay or nuts.
by ashbash2121 September 02, 2018
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