When your boobs are so far apart and saggy they look like squidwards nose
Jaki has some sad AF looking squiddies
by Esa chunti November 11, 2017
Squids are hot and sexy. you'd be lucky to be with a squid. They are so good at everything. They are insane like Jarvis. I love squiddssssss
by squidlover6969 August 2, 2020
To get rowdy, loud, weird, creepy, twisted, demented, rambunctious or wild in a party like atmosphere.
Trent Bulldozer: you weirdos lookin to get giddy Squiddy tonight at the Dub h?
Buck Studley: yuup! Getting 100% buzzed.

Bobby Salters: did you see how squiddy it got at the bar?
Bruce Gruesome: yeah, I was bartending you cadberries!
by Montgomery Chudwick (Monty) February 7, 2012
Adjective: A way to describe someone who is weak in character. (e.g. a little bitch)
- Yo, give me back my cornflakes you SQUIDDY ass bitch! or
- So i was talking with this real SQUIDDY motherfucker... or
- Don't be actin' all SQUIDDY...little squiddy ass baby-back bitch.
by H Izzy September 24, 2006
Squiddy is a insane animatronic squid, created to be the main character in the game Seven Nights At Squiddys. He is based off of iBalliscSquid, a famous youtuber. He is only really seen in night two, so your not killed because you even know what the hell is going on.
"Holy crap!!!!! Squiddy just, like, killed me!!! WHY YOU GOTTA BE SO RUDE?"
by iBallisticSquiddy January 23, 2015
Some dank viner who is a huge racist but also a meming swaglord
Squiddy just posted a really dank vine I'm XDing so hard lmao
by NiggeNogge84 May 28, 2016
An adaptation of biddie or biddy. Can be singular or plural. Can also be shortened to squid. A large group of squiddies may be referred to as a squid parade
example 1: yo look at those squiddie!


yo check out that squiddie

example 2: Damn, yo, you see the tits on that squid!?
by wibbles11223 October 7, 2010