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quite possible the coolest person on the entire planet, he owns ko
by squiddy June 28, 2003
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When your boobs are so far apart and saggy they look like squidwards nose
Jaki has some sad AF looking squiddies
by Esa chunti November 11, 2017
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Hawaiian slang for an attractive girl. Derived from men being the "sharks" hunting the "squids".
Example of Squiddy:

Ho brah, check 'um squiddies ova dea, go 'an geev 'um da bizness!

Translates to: "Hey bro, look at those hotties over there! Lets go talk to them!"
by Kaimanalo March 05, 2010
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A lanky person with abnormally long limbs and a wiry frame; an awkwardly tall and thin person.
"Check out that guy over there waving his tentacles around."

"Yeah, he's definitely squiddy."
by Squidonesian December 22, 2008
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To get rowdy, loud, weird, creepy, twisted, demented, rambunctious or wild in a party like atmosphere.
Trent Bulldozer: you weirdos lookin to get giddy Squiddy tonight at the Dub h?
Buck Studley: yuup! Getting 100% buzzed.

Bobby Salters: did you see how squiddy it got at the bar?
Bruce Gruesome: yeah, I was bartending you cadberries!
by Montgomery Chudwick (Monty) February 06, 2012
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Adjective: A way to describe someone who is weak in character. (e.g. a little bitch)
- Yo, give me back my cornflakes you SQUIDDY ass bitch! or
- So i was talking with this real SQUIDDY motherfucker... or
- Don't be actin' all SQUIDDY...little squiddy ass baby-back bitch.
by H Izzy September 24, 2006
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