quite possible the coolest person on the entire planet, he owns ko
by squiddy June 28, 2003
Hawaiian slang for an attractive girl. Derived from men being the "sharks" hunting the "squids".
Example of Squiddy:

Ho brah, check 'um squiddies ova dea, go 'an geev 'um da bizness!

Translates to: "Hey bro, look at those hotties over there! Lets go talk to them!"
by Kaimanalo March 5, 2010
A lanky person with abnormally long limbs and a wiry frame; an awkwardly tall and thin person.
"Check out that guy over there waving his tentacles around."

"Yeah, he's definitely squiddy."
by Squidonesian December 22, 2008
Damn, look at her, she's a total squiddy.
by Z-Deff March 11, 2009
a person that uses all his limbs, fingers and toes during any sexual act, even on himself. Enjoys ramming himself with a double bass while strumming his nipples with his fingers like he was playing said double bass. Also cries when gets on a boat, water reminds him of being in the bath and cleaning himself, an act that only happens on his birthday, and only if he can take the double bass with him all lubed up.
jesus, look at that tramp he is a squiddy

Oh my god that guy last night totally pulled a squiddy on me

That double bass neck looks bent, must have been squiddys old one

jesus, havent seen squiddy look so clean, must have been his birthday yesterday
by ghoulmore October 30, 2010
A girl who likes KPOP/kdrama to the point where they’ll try to befriend/date random asian guys to simulate being the love interest
“Look, that hot korean guy is getting followed by a squiddy”
by anon102582035 January 23, 2022
In Autumn when it's dull and grey and cloudy and it's been raining and everythings squiddy. Kinda like squishy.... maybe that's what I meant...
eeeew, the leaves are squiddy
by Scott August 24, 2004