n. The act of a man ass-fucking another man, ejaculating in his asshole, and conveniently grabbing the nearest straw, and sucking his own sperm out of the asshole.
Omfg bro- did you hear about Chris giving his boyfriend a squiddy? That's fucked up, homes.
by Delicious P. Silk April 21, 2006
does suss shit to dog and other animals
by Lickiss December 12, 2003
a girl called tia who laughs like a squid and might be alergic to milk
tia is a squiddy
by comerrr123 June 25, 2011
The opposite of pinky, when a person is behaving like a squid, constantly being slimy to the point where you refer to them as a squiddy, especially with emphasis.
Who was the person that knocked over my favorite dab rig? Squiddyyyyyyyy
by Mantisporkyrandallmcduck5 December 12, 2021
Squiddy can be used in different circumstances. One can take it as both offence or compliment. To be squiddy is either dished out on tentacles to your worst enemy or as a friend, meaning awesome or squidilicous
Zack: "I think you're squiddy"
Jason: T h a n k s
by MyDadsCondomBroke May 12, 2020