Just visit Hatton in Derbyshire UK and this shit-hole fits the description, enough said.
Fucking Hell, do we have to go through that squalor to get to Burton-On-Trent?
by J. Lowndes August 14, 2006
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State of Filthiness; dirty
Filled with squalor
by larstait October 12, 2003
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Squalor is the excrement of a large or soon to be large animal, including dung, poop, ass cheese, ish, bum bum drop, or piss stain. It can also be the excrement of a human, but only in a humorous way.
Or being of the utmost worthlessness, as in not even worth a canadians life.
"damn playa your dog just took a thorough Squalor on your momdukes persian rugg, and thats of all things not rugg"
"all this Squalor about your new walmart workmans boots makes me queezy."
"steve nash's whole career despite 3 point and FG shots is complete squalor"
by Alfred A Bearcock III May 31, 2004
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The condition or quality of being squalid; shameful dirt and filth, sloppy mess. The action of creating trash and mess. Also, unprotected sex, frequently degrading or disgusting in nature.

Found extensively on college campuses, especially in the Greek community. Originated at Northeastern University, where high concentrations of squalor can be found, especially in the Mission Hill area.

Characteristics of a squalorous lifestyle include daydrinking, broiling steak after midnight, polyamory, throwing trash into the street, punching holes in walls, telling complaining neighbors to fuck themselves and having no respect for the well-being of others, generally flouting societal norms and taking no responsibility for one's actions.

A noun, a verb, an adjective, and a way of life.
1."I'm sick of cleaning your fucking beer cans and squalor! Time to pick up the house like a civilized human being!"
2."Don't take her home tonight, I heard she squalored the entire hockey team."
3."How long have I been asleep? Where’s my wallet? Is this maple syrup in my hair? And who emptied all these whiskey bottles? Ugh, squalor always wins."
by Hayes346 March 14, 2011
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Ability to tolerate living in mess or squalor.
My houseguests evidently have a higher squalorance than I.
by Eric Squair August 28, 2007
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An apartment, condo, flat or house that is kept in a perpetual state of dissarray. Shit lying everywhere, crap on every horizontal surface, dirty bathrooms and towels. Never cleaned with a mop or bleach, just occasionally vaccuumed for decorum's sake. Basically, a complete shithole of a liveable space. Often found in Baltimore, MD, USA
I had to quit being roomates with my friend because he kept the place like a complete squalor hole.
by jon pz January 8, 2008
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squalor so abject it is reminiscent of poland circa world war two.
jon lubanski lives in polish squalor.

wyatt's breath is tangible polish squalor.
by come.here.jah February 27, 2008
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