2 definitions by Alfred A Bearcock III

Squalor is the excrement of a large or soon to be large animal, including dung, poop, ass cheese, ish, bum bum drop, or piss stain. It can also be the excrement of a human, but only in a humorous way.
Or being of the utmost worthlessness, as in not even worth a canadians life.
"damn playa your dog just took a thorough Squalor on your momdukes persian rugg, and thats of all things not rugg"
"all this Squalor about your new walmart workmans boots makes me queezy."
"steve nash's whole career despite 3 point and FG shots is complete squalor"
by Alfred A Bearcock III May 31, 2004
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to talk to offend a established gully (reference Gully for definition) citizen or legal alien. To belittle and or completely shit on that persons aspirations, views, or opinions. Saying anything that completely befuddles the mind of the victim to the point of “what motherfucka!?!?”
"My pit was takin' a Squalor on this cats shoelaces, he fronted like a car bumper, so I filled his grittle cakes with lead pieces for talking splash"
by Alfred A Bearcock III May 31, 2004
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