some one/thing that follow you but you dont want it to be
i hate (name) he kept following me like a piss stain
by gghdfjiwhdf August 4, 2008
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Someone who is really annoying and you really can't stand.
Cristiano Ronaldo is such a piss stain. I wish he'd get his legs broken.
by Tommy Noka April 18, 2011
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Someone who is worthless and has no friends. A nobody. Someone who is inferior to a piss stain on a public highway rest top urinal.
Hey listen you Piss Stain, I know grandmas that can lift more weight than you.
by NippleBob Crane June 24, 2014
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Piss-stain graffiti is graffiti that is sprayed on someone else's property. It always lacks creativity and is sprayed for the purpose to look cool in front of your friends. It won't make you look cool, but it will make you an asshole.
Poser: Hey dude, check out what I tagged last night!

Normal kid: You fuck-up that's piss-stain graffiti!

*Poser gets beat by the normal kid*
by brotato4881 May 11, 2010
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The act of having anal intercourse with a woman reverse cowgirl style. Unknown to you she has severe diarrhea. As soon as you reach you cumming point she begins to release her bowels sliding off your penis and firmly sliding her ass all the way up to your face leaving a soggy strip of feces resembling a skid mark on your body. She then takes your hair and wipes her anus with it.
Girl: you wanna try anal for your birthday
Guy: sure lets do it
Girl: lets go
Girl: (whispers to herself "you're getting a Mississippi piss stain. Happy birthday loser")
by H-H McCou March 23, 2013
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Black Piru Stones gang diss.
Black piss stains killa, my E bkoy!
Slobk killa, homie, slob killa!
by Lil Lowk October 9, 2023
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