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An glorified apartment that is purchased, not rented.
May I see the deed to your condo, Mr. Rich?
by TsTech July 17, 2005
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A new "luxury" apartment building with amenities meant to appeal to young urban professionals and dinks, like party rooms and gyms. Used without any concern for ownership structure (most "condos" in this sense are rentals, not owned by their occupants).
The condos are spreading from Williamsburg into Bushwick. Next they'll be popping up in the Evergreens cemetery.
by ivanonymous June 13, 2015
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Traditionally, an apartment-style home that you own. However, condos can resemble apartments, lofts, townhomes, or single-family homes. California has a lot of gated single-family detached homes that are marketed as condos because landscaping, common areas, the community pool and spa, and tennis courts are taken care of as part of an astronomically high association fee. They can be converted and upgraded from their apartment days or built with their intended purpose from the start. They make good vacation properties and can provide rental income when not in use. Condos are the international language of homeownership because you can get one anywhere in the world. Condos can be on golf courses, beaches, greenbelts, etc. A penthouse is the king of condos.
"I don't have time to take care of a yard because I'm a medical doctor who works 80 hours a week, that's why I own a $2 million dollar condo in Hollywood whose association dues cover a club room, rooftop deck, movie theater, sauna, tennis courts, workout room, weight room, and pool and spa. I could own a 6000 sq. ft. home in the suburbs for the same money, but I want an urban lifestyle with all the amenities and shopping and I don't want a half-hour commute.
by EA888 July 03, 2013
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Kingdom of men in Middle-Earth that curiously has an elf as heir to its throne. Home of Boromir and the Horn of Condo.
Legolas: I'm heir to the throne of Condo.
Boromir: Condo have no king. Condo need no king.
by Scintilla March 15, 2007
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Those things that Californians buy in Idaho that used to be public land alongside a nice lake where lots of people hung out year round, but now they are only used by a bunch of stupid douchebags two or three weeks a year and have fences to block out the locals.
They built a condo right next to my favorite fishing spot and fenced it off.
by idahohankster October 08, 2009
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As I've seen it in my general opinion Condos are basically everything good about the world all put into that one location. Everything you could possibly want just put inside a excellent little Hotel they call a Condo. Now these "Condos" are what you'll find to be so called "Paradises" especially if they're in the West Coast of the United States.

Here is an Example of what you'll find in a Condo...
- Pools

- Suits

- Computers

- TVs


So the next time you think that Bill Gates is the "Happiest Man On Earth" think again. You know he is just bastardizing this whole world. Just know that there are people who are happier then him. So stop acting like a damn Sheep.

Condos are what should lead you to success.
by A-Suliven October 04, 2007
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adj. Affecting an air of snobbish urbanite nature.

When on her way to the bar, Theresa wanted to stop by her place to pick up her puppy first. Theresa is so condo!
by Eatmoreokra September 16, 2008
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