An glorified apartment that is purchased, not rented.
May I see the deed to your condo, Mr. Rich?
by TsTech July 17, 2005
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adj. Affecting an air of snobbish urbanite nature.

When on her way to the bar, Theresa wanted to stop by her place to pick up her puppy first. Theresa is so condo!
by Eatmoreokra September 16, 2008
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Tall building with many rooms
American: There's her condo

Mexican: Hay su condo
by frabrizio March 1, 2017
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Why, that's a mighty nice condo you have!
by b53 June 24, 2005
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Fat, obese, pudgy. In possession of a spare tire, paunch, or beer belly.
I'm not looking forward to going condo when I get old.
by Big boned not fat January 1, 2010
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shorthand for conditionality. A term used in policy debate with conditional arguments, such as counterplans and kritiks, but can also apply to some advantages and a plantext. Arguably abusive in debate rounds and a viable 2AR strategy if the negative reads more than five offcase positions that the 2AC can't cover.
I heard his 2AR was a full five minutes on condo bad. Needless to say, the neg's 2NR strat was fucked coming out of that 2AR.
by baudrillard August 1, 2018
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A new "luxury" apartment building with amenities meant to appeal to young urban professionals and dinks, like party rooms and gyms. Used without any concern for ownership structure (most "condos" in this sense are rentals, not owned by their occupants).
The condos are spreading from Williamsburg into Bushwick. Next they'll be popping up in the Evergreens cemetery.
by ivanonymous June 11, 2015
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