Are you flouting with him?
Are you flouting with her?
by pickadicka. August 27, 2020
clout with an f (a cooler version of clout)
bro i’m so high i’m flouting
by dale12345 June 22, 2018
the act of putting one's whole palm in your asshole and drinking a cookies and cream milkshake you received from a blonde 53 year - old man at a funeral home
friend: that girls really hot!
you: yeah, but I heard she got flouted by her cousin
by pussyfooted1234 November 23, 2020
A period of heavy, sustained rainfall great enough to cause localised flooding during a time which is officially designated as being a drought. Flood Drought
What can we do to make use of the rain during the current flout?
by Peter Jacobs May 28, 2006
Contemptuous action or disregard for; esp. the law.
"The Grove families been givin' flout to da 5-0"
by Ryusake February 19, 2005
The female version of jacking off/fapping to the point of orgasm.
Last night my boyfriend wasn't home so I had to flout.
by Le Atomic Dildo October 22, 2012