A Rape-Hug. A non-consensual embrace. (Past tense) rugged. the culprit is known as a rugger. a rugg can also be referred to as a hape.
Friend 1: "This guy won't leave me alone."

Friend 2: "Oh hear he comes"

Rugger proceeds to say I'm leaving bye and rape-hugs Friend 1.

Friend: "Looks like you just got rugged.:
by duffmuffins July 17, 2009
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one who dates a man but believes him to be a woman
That stupid rugg hasn't even noticed her bulge yet!
by ayooo April 16, 2008
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A nickname for Raymond; The best gut you'll ever meet. Has swag that can't be touched. Great at everything he does from conversing to sexing. Handsome, funny, very-love-able, sexy, always happy.
What's up with ya, Rugg?
Danielle is crazy in love with Rugg!
by loving him always August 8, 2009
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1. A bisexual girl who likes to skateboard, draw, chat on the computer, and will move to Florida in the near future. Uses the word "stoopy" a lot. Not to be confused with Ruggy posers who try to talk like her.

2. An incorrect way to spell "rug"
by LunaR April 5, 2005
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The best drag racer ever….. nah I’m kidding he played for the raiders and got into a car crash in Las Vegas killing a woman and her dog.
Hey, you hear about Henry Ruggs?
No, what happened?
Some sad shit.
by PhishSoup November 19, 2021
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A pet youtuber with wayyyyy too many pets!
Dammm, you almost have as many pets as Tyler rugge. (He has 678 pets)
by Tyler rugge October 30, 2017
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