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A Rape-Hug. A non-consensual embrace. (Past tense) rugged. the culprit is known as a rugger. a rugg can also be referred to as a hape.
Friend 1: "This guy won't leave me alone."

Friend 2: "Oh hear he comes"

Rugger proceeds to say I'm leaving bye and rape-hugs Friend 1.

Friend: "Looks like you just got rugged.:
by duffmuffins July 17, 2009
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A nickname for Raymond; The best gut you'll ever meet. Has swag that can't be touched. Great at everything he does from conversing to sexing. Handsome, funny, very-love-able, sexy, always happy.
What's up with ya, Rugg?
Danielle is crazy in love with Rugg!
by loving him always August 08, 2009
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1. A bisexual girl who likes to skateboard, draw, chat on the computer, and will move to Florida in the near future. Uses the word "stoopy" a lot. Not to be confused with Ruggy posers who try to talk like her.

2. An incorrect way to spell "rug"
by LunaR April 05, 2005
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one who dates a man but believes him to be a woman
That stupid rugg hasn't even noticed her bulge yet!
by ayooo April 16, 2008
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Real genuine Ugg boots. Very expensive a sign of the upper class.
Not the nasty fake ones that break at the heels and make you drag your feet. Good quality, mostly worn with hollister, abercrombie or jack wills in england. A preppy trend that can be carried off very well.
person 1: look at that chav in her fuggs, dragging her feet along the floor

person 2: bless her she can't afford Ruggs haha it's the best she can do!!
by UggOwnerAndProud August 02, 2008
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