A foul smelling whitish/tanish and pliable substance that manifests inside the human ass-crack...most commonly triggered by profuse butt-hole sweating and/or a soiled ass-crack area.

Ass cheese is a double-edge sword and uses its survival mechanisms to fend off removal:

1) It causes intense itching, however when you scratch that area, the ass cheese gets wedged underneath your fingernails, causing your hands to smell like a dirty asshole (which eventually envelopes your whole body, making you a smell like a walking dingle-berry). Because of this, people tend to abstain from itching the ass cheese and just letting it be.

2) Latches onto asshole hairs, escaping the reach of toilet paper and fingers (also, see doody hairs).
On a scorching hot summer afternoon, Red McDougall fucked a fugly whore on his couch in the missionary position. After a few minutes he turned her over to fuck her doggy style...he went to insert his penis when he caught the most foul whiff he had ever smelled in his life....he gagged and almost puked on her ass. He soldiered on and slowly moved his hand towards her butt cheeks so he could separate her gargantuan roast beef curtains....that's when he saw her entire ass crack and under pussy area infiltrated with cakey globs of white/tan ass cheese!!!

The pungent odor consumed him and he passed out on the spot...

When he woke up the next day, he had a dirty sanchez - ASS CHEESE STYLE! He vomited over and over until he passed out again.
by MYSTICBLU July 14, 2012
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Ass Cheese is residual fecal matter spread thinly between the buddocks, and around the anus, as the result of inadequate ass wiping. Ass Cheese results in an uncomfortable condition called 'sour ass', whereby the victim of this condition suffers from a constant sweaty itch, which is usually resolved by digging their hand into the buddock crack from the outside of the clothing, thus essentially wiping their ass with their underwear. Results in "skidmarks" on the underwear.
I thought I had wiped more than enough, and returned to my desk at work. Later in the day, I realized that there was ass cheese remaining, and had to scratch the itch from the sour ass it gave me. Now my fingers reek of ass.
by Tom Haranger September 26, 2007
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The mushy stuff that kinda gathers around your asshole after three days without a bath.
Jesus, Baby -- I ain't gonna lick the little feller in the boat until you get rid of some ass cheese.
by Jaraldo April 1, 2003
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The remaining fecies left in someones ass-hole usually due to improper wiping procedures after one drops a log.
Petes ass cheese was potent enough to attract a herd of mice.

by M Style December 29, 2006
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the hot musky sweaty and maybe a little shitty residue left on the asshole after going toilet and not wiping very well which gives off a strong smell and can be very tasty
i spread her ass cheeks apart and rubbed her asshole and could smell her sweaty musky shitty ass cheese on her asshole that wasn't very clean and i licked it
by anom123 July 18, 2006
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1. The substance removed from the back area near the anus that when rubbed out looks like lint.
I just picked some ass cheese from my butt
by Mark December 22, 2004
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cum that has dried and fermented around the asshole after a session of gay/anal sex.
God damn, that's a shit load of ass cheese.
by spongebob squarepants September 20, 2003
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