A person who acts Chinese in an extremely stereotypical fashion; usually an individual of Chinese decent.
Chines, how did your midterm go?
by stupidfran May 13, 2008
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The word is a mixture between chain and shrine. It describes any type of bag that is held up by a chain, rope, string etc.
Example: backpack, purse, tote, etc.

Wait hold on let me just put my books in my chine.

Yeah just put it in my chine!

I'll just carry it in a chine.
by InfiniteCR October 01, 2013
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abbrieviation for machine, and one who doesnt miss any type of basketball shot ever.

the concept of missing a shot doesnt apply
I was like the chine at marks house
by chine1122 July 15, 2011
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Acne that is exclusively on someones chin. Mostly happens to athletes who need chin-straps for sports (football, lacrosse, hockey etc.)
Tom was a cool kid but never could hook up with a girl beacuse he had terrible chine.
by tbull07 May 10, 2007
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1. Of or pertaining to the vaginal section of the female body.
2. What my sister had for dinner last night.
It was a blind date, so I just pretended she was storing fish in her chine, just so I wouldn't seem rude.
by SirThomas August 25, 2003
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