When a cell carrier holds your phone hostage because of a "Financial Eligibility Check" under the guise of "protecting" you, in case your phone was stolen. This makes it impossible to bring your phone to a new carrier until you pay off any outstanding charges. This brings you into a cycle of owing them into perpetuity if you wish to port your phone number AND device. If you buy a new phone, you lose the number. If you port the number, you can't use the phone for at least 30 days, even if there's no outstanding balances.
Yo, I ported my cell number, but the new carrier says I can't use my phone because of a Financial Eligibility Check. WTF?


What'll I do now?

Buy a new phone. You got sprinted, brah.
by TheDarkTaoEr March 19, 2017
to be screwed over by a car by a car
my car sprinted me i think the engine is toast
by matt May 15, 2003
In tetris, the act of sprinting is clearing a certain number of lines using tetrominoes in as little time as possible. Although the amount of lines can vary, the most common and widely known mode is clearing 40 lines (40L). The current world record holder for 40L sprint is u/Vince_HD on tetris site Jstris, with a time of 15.654 seconds.
People willing to clear 10k lines in sprint are crazy, but the amount of stamina needed for it is respectable to have.
by beyeet January 14, 2021
The act of a business terminating service to a customer, unlike traditional service terminations for non-payment, being Sprinted usually is more due to a customer being high maintenance and/or expectation.
He just got sprinted by his bank since he protested the monthly fees in his account a few months in a row.
by Piranha August 4, 2007
Bitch ass phone carrier that can't do shit right! You can't walk down the street and take a fucking call, you lose service all the goddamn time and high speed internet ?? MY FUCKIN ASSHOLE! Call customer service and I guarantee you will get told, "Oh don't worry, we have tip-top coverage in your area, DON'T LEAVE US! We're working on it for youuu.." . BULLSHIT. They are full of shit, Bad service, bitch ass customer service and crooks with shit-filled assholes who advertise a phone company that doesn't even live up to its shitty ass expectations. Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, shit it's worth the fucking money if you want to actually have a phone! The only thing Sprint has given me is my official MODO OF 2017.. "FUCK SPRINT!" Let me say it louder.. "FUCK SPRINT !!!!"

Hey Sprint! Call me baby!

( Sprint )

I can't, I'm Sprint!
-Not delivered

( Verizon )

Helloooo...? Damn ur fake! FUCKIN DICK!!
by exploding air plane 6969 July 12, 2017
the best phone service to turn to, if you want to be overcharged, denied minutes and deal with ghetto customer service 'representatives' who keep trying to get me to sign up for the latest 'fantastic offer'.

2. An easy excuse for dodging phone calls.
*girl looks at her phone bill* "$387 dollars! I only talked for 10 damn minutes. Fucking Sprint."

Girl: "Why don't you ever answer my phone calls? Don't you love me?"
Boy: "I got sprint."
Girl: "oh"
by Robin McG June 3, 2004