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When a cell carrier holds your phone hostage because of a "Financial Eligibility Check" under the guise of "protecting" you, in case your phone was stolen. This makes it impossible to bring your phone to a new carrier until you pay off any outstanding charges. This brings you into a cycle of owing them into perpetuity if you wish to port your phone number AND device. If you buy a new phone, you lose the number. If you port the number, you can't use the phone for at least 30 days, even if there's no outstanding balances.
Yo, I ported my cell number, but the new carrier says I can't use my phone because of a Financial Eligibility Check. WTF?


What'll I do now?

Buy a new phone. You got sprinted, brah.
by TheDarkTaoEr March 19, 2017
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The act of a business terminating service to a customer, unlike traditional service terminations for non-payment, being Sprinted usually is more due to a customer being high maintenance and/or expectation.
He just got sprinted by his bank since he protested the monthly fees in his account a few months in a row.
by Piranha August 04, 2007
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to be screwed over by a car by a car
my car sprinted me i think the engine is toast
by matt May 14, 2003
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