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The capital of Arkansas. Known to Arkansas natives as "The Rock," it is famous for being a political town.

However, comedian Dave Attell once said:

"Even though Little Rock might have a rep as a political town, trust me it's a drinking town too."

Most people in Arkansas must travel to Little Rock or its nearby suburbs to do anything worthwhile in Arkansas, so the population of Little Rock is much lower than the actual number of people there.
We're driving three hours to Little Rock to see Bill Clinton's library open.
by Rick Scales July 27, 2004
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Nickname for the gang bangin' capital of the world, Little Rock, Arkansas
That HBO documentary showed everybody how big gang bangin' is in Little Rock.
by BooBoohead March 22, 2006
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1. English for "la petit roche" (French)
2. The capital of Arkansas
3. used when defining which rock to look at
I'm going to Little Rock, Arkansas
by KalicoKat February 02, 2009
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The capital of Arkansas (A-State).

One of the big cities in the Dirty South.

Home of many underground rappers who are soon to come out because there is so many.

Little rock is also commonly called "Tha Rock", and the 2nd home of the Razorbacks.
1: Yo where u going this weekend playa?
2: Mayne I'm going to Little Rockand going to the club cuz it suppost to be krunk there friday night mayne...
by Paul Wall1 September 21, 2006
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One of Arkansas' two cities, along with Arkadelphia.
Have you been to Little Rock in the past year?
by Diggity Monkeez January 15, 2005
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