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Harlemeesha : Aye how much is the cover for the club?
Dabreesha : Aw hell naw we ain't payin shit tonight!
Harlemeesha: Dafuq you smokin, how we not needa pay?
Dabreesha : I gots the hookup we gettin in for the F!
by Eikosha September 9, 2016
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A-ration bagged meal issued to Marines (usually recruits or in the field) that usually contains: a sandwich (ham, turkey, and bologna are common), a hard boiled egg, fruit, and a small bag of potato chips; often served with a beverage such as juice or milk. Also used to describe a female Marine in a sleeping bag.
Andrew: Look at that bag nasty over there
Kevin: Ehh..shes not that good looking
by Eikosha August 29, 2009
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To be scared to the point that you cannot even say the word correctly.
I was hella skrrd when i walked by all those (insert minority here) people on the street.

They looked hella skrry.
by Eikosha July 17, 2009
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A sauce similar to Thousand Island dressing used at In n Out to flavor burgers and fries.
Employee: Guest # 306 please!
You: Can I get some spread?
Employee: How many?
You: 2 please
by Eikosha October 14, 2009
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