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A tea monkey is another name for a gypsy.(humanoid rodents) the name tea monkey comes from there reputation of being the niggers of Europe. Tea=Europe, monkey=nigger
Jeff: Ah Goddamnit!

Elizabeth: What's wrong Jeff?

Jeff:Some fucking tea monkeys stole my wallet, now I can't pay for the hotel
by Superior shaft Sam October 31, 2020
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The term spread it is slang for telling a woman to widen her legs for intercourse.
by Superior shaft Sam July 3, 2017
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An Asian female that only goes for White men
Tanaka: Akito, where is our daughter?
Akito:She went out with some kid named John to a party.
Tanaka's face goes red and he starts heading towards his car
Akito:Where are you going?!
Tanka looks back at her and says, "I have to make sure she doesn't turn into a snow pisser!"
by Superior shaft Sam November 6, 2020
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A anaconda sized cock, only those who have earned the title of thotimus prime can handle this 2 ton worth of prime meat.
We are gathered here today to mourn for the girl that came within the fucking radius of cockzilla.
by Superior shaft Sam April 17, 2018
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