it's pretty much like discord premium
you can use emojis from different servers, you can use animated emojis, 2 server boosts for free, etc.
person 1: hey you got nitro
person 2: yes
person 1: ok
by ehhhhhhh.... March 5, 2021
1. Short for nitrogen, an inert gas that makes up a good percentage of Earth's atmosphere.

2. Short for nitrous oxide, a gaseous compound used as a mild anesthetic in dental surgery. Also used in car engines. The gas is fed parallel to the fuel injection manifold to increase the volatility of combustion in the engines.

3. Short for nitroglycerin. A compound used medically. However, nitroglycerin is also explosive and is popular in such devices.

4. Short for nitromethane. CH3NO2. Used in race car engines and as a propellant.

5. To suddenly and unexpectedly-often without provocation-become explosively agitated. Similar to going postal.

6. Describes a person, place or thing as being unequivocally, quintessentially spectacular and dumbfounding. (i.e. Something that is really, really cool to use the vernacular).
1. We set up a vacuum line under nitro in chemistry today.

2. He punched his nitro too early, and his car exploded.

3. The BLU-205-N, a laser guided, nitro-tipped paveway bomb.

4. See 1.

5. Yo', don't fuck girls on X man. That chica went nitro on my cock yesterday.

6. Dude, fatality may be platinum in Quake, but I am nitro at sniping in America's Army.
by dinyctis June 11, 2004
short for nitroglycerin, a chemical used in explosives and medicines. also seen in "crash bandicoot" video games in the form of green boxes that explode on contact, causing you to lose a life.
they blew up the school with nitro.
by d-shadow January 16, 2004
gettin soooo damn high on cocaine that you are on myspace looking for sleezy girls. also sooo high that you are voice recording where your gonna hide your back up cocaine.
I am sooo nitro right now i gotta go on craigs list to find a hooker, haha-007
by nitro king April 19, 2010
the act of desperate need to push employees to exceed performance beyond their natural capableness in order to produce because they are desperate for extra cash-flow.
them: cant pay you today, but next week i might
me: fuck u pay me

them: i cant, expense exceeds sales
me: fuck u lie!
them: i have nothing but debts to keep the business alive
me: fuck shit god dammit, ( no choice but work harder )

them: ( hehe got him, perfect nitro )
by rob stro February 25, 2011
(explosion of fury or an act of craziness)
did u see that girl ? she was nitro !!
by nicholas petersen January 18, 2008