How to fight or engage in war without actually doing so. a worthless, needless activity
"Let's fight!"
"We can't"
"Hmmm..... then let's play some sports!"
by Cosmoknight Azrael April 08, 2013
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Man, fuck all those dumb ass sports where all they do is fight. That's fuckin retarded.
by hizzo May 31, 2003
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Simply the worst thing ever. Sports are played by athletes who are most likely playing for either money or just so they can say that they are so much better than everybody else. (See jock) There are few athletes that actually play for fun, and those are typically the ones who aren't fucking retards. Unfortunately, if you don't enjoy playing sports, you'll be classified as wimpy loser with no life.
If people didn't make such a fucking big deal about sports, maybe I would give it a try.
by quzu May 03, 2011
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a sexual encounter that is merely for fun or to increase physical stamina
Hey Listen, lets just go home to my place and sport for a while.

I hate running for soccer, you wanna come over and we can just sport.
by Li Dong Bai April 05, 2006
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Anything you can slump at.
Joe: video games aren't a sport.

Bob: do you suck sometimes at video games?

Joe: yes?

Bob: then it's a sport.
by Ereck Flowers November 09, 2014
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Any of a number of activities that meet the following criteria:
1)Must have physical training to play.
2) Must have more than one person involved to play.
3) Must have a clear and defined set of rules.
4) Must have the potential of physical harm
4) Something a person with a "D" cup or larger cannot excel in.
"Cheerleading isn't a sport, Jenny is sporting Double D's!"
"Golf is a sport, you need a caddy. If you don't have a caddy, you can't call yourself a player."
"I'm a 3 time All-American Beer Pong Champ."
by Sterner September 03, 2008
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