verb form of the noun "spunk,"
i.e. "to ejaculate"
"spit on her back, and when she turns around you sponk right in her face"
by Spunk Monkey November 10, 2003
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sponking .to Sponk ......the art of hitting someone across their face with your erect penis until you ejaculate
I was Sponking him so hard i came without touching
by salfordave February 3, 2013
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an exclemation emited by a peice of shoddy machinery when it has just broken
*SPONK* uh oh....that didnt sound good
by sonic death September 3, 2003
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A Sponk is a very stupid person. A Sponk is a person that cannot comprehend their surroundings and acts like a really dumb Karen. A Sponk is just someone you don't want to talk to.
A Sponk is also an insult that can be used to describe anyone as anything.

The word was made by Nathan W, along with the other words of "dooboo" and "idot"
Nathan said: "Sam, you are a sponk"
by Jeebo17 March 4, 2021
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Australian immigrant group's alliterative misspelling of spank. Will be used as widely as cofefe . Refer to current major 2017 Australian debate on same sex marriage ahead of a planned plebiscite (or vote). Especially by those arguing the "No" case by using irrelevant and unrelated topics such as voting "Yes" will approve beastiality, paedophilia & poligamy, & having school children role play being sexual in some way. In this particular misuse: masturbation.
Voting for same sex marriage in Australia will result in your children learning how to "sponke" the monkey.
by Dougal of Oz September 6, 2017
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When one shit, sneezes, farts, and ejaculates in the same time
Yo me and my dad went sponking last night was fuckin lit my guy
by Sumo is cool May 17, 2019
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