1. Holding someone for money, threatening to cause them harm if the money is not paid.

2. Someone who really owns "multitheftauto".
1. "They held Tod for ransom, but nobody wanted to pay 1 million dollars for his release, the kidnappers killed him."

2. Damn, that Ransom guy really owns DeathB, Kungfugrip, Keny767, Gamefreek, Zircon, especially robpol86, and etc.
by lakecityransom July 20, 2005
A guy's name. Not just any guy though, the most amazing guy ever. Sweet, loving, and gentle. Very confident and very extroverted, but only because he knows how amazing he is. Could have any girl he wanted, but is faithful to just one. Brave, compassionate, intelligent, and handsome, he honors everyone so lucky as to cross his path and treats every person with respect and dignity. He is fiercely loyal, patient, and fun-loving. Serves others above himself, and most importantly, has faith in God, trusting in Him and serving Him wherever he goes, unwavering in his convictions while never being prejudiced. Every girl's dream. Once you've been with him, you'll never be happy with ordinary guys again, because none of them will compare to how special and honored you felt with Ransom.
Smith: I wish I could be as amazing as Ransom.

Nellbush: Ransom is such a great friend, always there for you.

Annie: I am so lucky to have dated a guy like Ransom. I love him with all my heart.
by huminsquirlz October 24, 2013
Ransom is a smart and funny guy

He cares a lot about his friends.
But sometimes he can be very annoying

He will support his friends no matter what.
Girls may not like him at first but when you get to know him he will make your heart melt.
Hes a great swimmer and very intelligent with guns.
He likes to be outdoors.
He will have a lot of friends.
Sometime he can be a jerk but immediately he'll say sorry.
He will have to friends and their named are Joey&Daisy.
Ransom if you will ever read this you know that i admire you.
Ransom: Hey guys what are you watching
Friends: Somthing

Ransom: Hmmm, never heard of it.
Friends: *starts to laugh*
by Loveleydiamond23 November 21, 2019
Ransom is a guy who is usually single (mostly chose to be single), hates everybody except for the few friends he has. Is introverted but not as much as his friend Tara. He is short, intelligent, patient, gets annoyed very easily, never sad, laughs at everything, Very Very Very skinny, Very Very Very un athletic and is usually addicted to some type of social media ( TikTok).
Ew see that skinny bitch in the corner browsing through tiktok he’s got to be a Ransom
by SkinnyBitchRansom November 13, 2019
when a girl is givin you head, just before you climax grab her head with your knees and tell her that if she doesnt swallow youll jizz in her eye
Jimmy picked up some dirty ho last night and gave her a ransom. She didn't pay up.
by Crab Slipper May 22, 2009
some one who is unreal but is still there kindov ; between a ghost and an alien
"That niggas got to be a ransom or an alien"
"On word babay back bitch"
by Tommy Watts January 26, 2008
being/saying something random and awesome at the same time. Ran from the word Random and Some from the word Awesome. pronounced just like the word ransom but spelled differently.
that’s so ransome!

you're ransome!
by selikah June 30, 2010