A sexual act. Inserting the index finger and middle finger into a female’s vagina while pushing the other two digits in her anus.
The dirty bitch couldn’t get enough so I gave her a damn good spocking
by ben January 11, 2004
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Driving slowly around a parking lot, waiting for someone to pull out of thier space, so you can take it.
Patrick and Jared were spocking and found Leah's space.
by jizzdizzle December 11, 2006
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making the spock sign from star wars and entering your better half
i was spocking my girl last night
by darren lowe March 23, 2005
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A sped jock. Usually play sports such as american football and hockey but receive C's, D's, and F's in their classes. Generally, spocks spend too much money on customized basketball shoes with colors that don't match and over exaggerate their actually ability to lift bro. Spocks hate on people with common sense and think they are good enough for every girl.
Guy #1: Look at Brian's new $200 dollar shoes.
Guy #2: The colors look so random so he must be a spock.
by shrek71 May 24, 2014
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Spock On is friendly phrase similar to Rock ON, or Hello, Good Job, Cheers, Etc. The term is often found used by players of the game Mafia Wars. The origins of the name come from the team at Spockholm that coined the phrase to unite its fan base.
We just found a solution to that new Bug, Spock On!

TGIF, Spock On!
by Pistol Pete of Spockholm March 26, 2011
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Originated by a gang of elite geeks who were followers of the Star Trek cult. Can be used to diss others and individuals whose intelligence is lesser than their's.

Equivalent to "suck it"
Person: Star Trek ? Is that the one with Luke Skywalker ?

Geek: No, that's Star Wars. Spock it, bitch.
by Beammeupscotti July 27, 2010
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When someone tells a joke and the listener reacts too logically to the joke then you've been spocked.
Person 1: what did one tree say to the other tree?
Person 2: trees don't speak and in fact, did you know that trees...
Person 1: nevermind, we are done here.

Person 3: you just got spocked.
by kcianfaglione July 1, 2013
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