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The best seats in a movie theater. These are the two middle seats of the row 1/3 of the way from the front of the auditorium to the back (in general). In a well-designed theater, these seats are the best, regarding picture (best view), and sound (where the 5.1 speakers are concentrating their sound). ("spo" is believed to stand for "sound pressure optimal".)
Person N-1: So, where are we sitting?
Person N: Spo, of course. Why else would we get here 45 minutes early?

by Michael Grant April 30, 2008
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(n.) At Luther College (Decorah, IA) SPO stands for "Student Post Office" and is used to refer to an individual's mailbox.
Hold on while I check my SPO.
by Jon Hoffman September 10, 2005
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Nickname for a guy who is a piece of shit. As in his parent's should've pulled out.
Jacko is kissing ass again. What a Spo
by P Tiddy July 13, 2004
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A person who is highly interested in sports often viewed in a negative light by the video game community. A person who dresses in a manner than personifies them as someone with a high interest in social activity and places little to no emphasis on video games. A person of the aforementioned qualities who seems to believe what he/she is talking about in relation to video games is factually correct when, in reality, it is not. The opposite of nerd. The word 'spo' is derived from 'sports kid' which was shortened to 'spo'k' and then finally shortened to 'spo'.
The spo had no idea what was going on while playing Halo 3, but thought that he was playing at an above average level.

The spo was right at home while watching the big game, but was mentally lost while watching someone play Final Fantasy.
by SuperPokenerd June 02, 2009
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acronym for: Stupid Piece of Shit

when you have no other words to describe something or someone that just makes you very angry.
"i hate this job more thank anything!!!"

"how come?"

"because of..just...ugh.... its a spos!!!"

"oh yeah i totally agree, only because the owner of this restaurant is actually a spos!!"

"lol you are so right!"
by katia the hottie October 16, 2009
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