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Also known as "D-Town," small town on the Upper Iowa located in northeast Iowa. Home of the Hay Market, Roscoe's and T-Bocks. Townies despise the Luther students, but participate in the annual nude soccer each spring.
Let's cruise the strip in Decorah and see who's at the Market.
by townie 2000 February 19, 2009
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Decorah, is the best person in the world that you could ever see and meet she is nice, sweet , kind, caring, loving , smart but most of all she is the most delicious like to look at when she comes in the room she melts every body face off. she is so THHICCCC the thiccest of all all time. she will be the person who will be there and for you and never leave you. she will do her best to make you happy and will make you laugh so hard that you will eat peas and pee them out. Also she has the thiccest hair is the world witch will make you start crying of jealousy.
john - dang decorah's thiccc
jeff- yeah she's more like thicccer than your mom.

john - no your wrong shes the thiccest in the world

jeff - okay your right she's definitely thiccer
by bobbybobko June 19, 2019
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