My roommate left his splooge-covered t-shirt on the floor again.
by Kevin H. March 5, 2004
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To cum; to jiz on ones face; an eruption from the peinis.
After head I splooged in her face.
by Anonymous February 19, 2003
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a sudden outbreak of jizz,or cum coming from an erect penis
i almost splooged when i saw that sexy girl
by sploogman101 April 22, 2010
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Any and all ejaculatory juices that derive from the male penis.

This word can be used as a noun or verb.
Shane splooged all over her face.

I hope his splooge isn't on my pillow.
by K Dizzle August 19, 2004
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Causing a mass eruption of bodily fluids, mostly out of the penis.
by NelliyJuice November 5, 2011
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