When you cum😩😩😩
I just splatted in that girls eyes
by GodHatesSpooks November 2, 2016
The act of ejaculating on your girlfriend's cat as an act of retribution
I found out she cheated on me again with the water polo teacher, so I'm gonna splat the cat to get back at her.
by Waterbuffalo94 January 23, 2018
the toilet roll used to prevent splash back and/or sound when pooing
Person 1: I hate pooing at work, i feel like everyone can here the sound of my poo hitting the water
Person 2: I used to hate pooing at work until i started using splat roll.
Person1: Whats Splat Roll?
Person 2: When you put toilet roll in the toilet first, poo then wipe and flush like it never happened, man!!
by LucaCEO August 8, 2017
The car game of masturbating in the back seat in the interest of finishing in the eyes of the driver, causing and accident is the primary goal
Just had a quality game of Tug Tug Splat with Grandma
by The Bows June 30, 2015
Dankest kid on earth, can be found cheezing with his friends from Solon, but more often he is kicked with his cross country friends. Likes to take dank rips off the legendary 5000 during lige fest. has a grandpa named papa bayer, a brother named patrick burns, amd a son named Mattycakes, and Wojo. Runs some dank Miles
Splat Burns: Ownage Duuuuuuuude, thats so dank.
MC: Yeahhhhhh
Splat: Get the box duuuuude
by thecakes13 February 4, 2010
What happens when you fart after anal sex
I bent over after my man was done pounding my ass and it came out in shit splat natty splat shits
by Cici butt lover September 25, 2015
the absolute WORST insult even god can think of. Worse than all the “ur” insults on urban dictionary combined. When u say it, a planet explodes along with the human race.
Man 1:lol ur mom gay
Man 2:no u
Man 1: ur sisters a mister
Man 2:well ur grandma a splat
by MEAGPERSON May 5, 2018