the absolute WORST insult even god can think of. Worse than all the “ur” insults on urban dictionary combined. When u say it, a planet explodes along with the human race.
Man 1:lol ur mom gay
Man 2:no u
Man 1: ur sisters a mister
Man 2:well ur grandma a splat
by MEAGPERSON May 5, 2018
A fictional event promoted by the Walla Walla wine industry. These so called professionals reference a ‘back splat’ event that involved a Montana-originated flood that crashed against a basalt ridges and caused a rush of water into the Walla Walla region.
Lynne meant to describe a bath tub effect of what happened in the floods from 12,000 years ago but her petite verdot consumption led her to describe a back splat, which coincidentally Britt left in the men’s room.
by clermontboy September 14, 2019
Wet Splats usually occur after a long weekend of junk food indulgence with the majority of occurrences happening between 1:00- 2:00 am on a Monday morning.

People who experience Wet Splats will awake to sharp, intense stomach pain that will send them running to the bathroom grabbing and clenching their arse. Once your cheeks hit the cold toilet seat, you won’t need to push hard to feel the Wet Splats exit. All of the fatty food and spicy nachos you ate will come out in a brown watery form and splash all over the parts of the toilet that don’t have water. On the rarest of instances, you anus will burn for the rest of the morning from the rapid discharge caused by your Wet Splats.

Once you’re all cleaned up, you might need to scrub the insides of the toilet.
Wow, those Wet Splats were intense. I might not be able to fall asleep again after that.
by Father Jerry September 15, 2020
pretending to be cute or shy like making a nice painting and telling everyone its garbage to get attention from others.
Yesterday he kept going on about his bad handwriting even though it was fine and everyone tried to comfort him. definitely a case of splat-attack syndrome
by definitely not dreg February 18, 2018
splat attack syndrome


The act of acting innocent, shy, cute and/or miserable for attention ons social media and denying you're doing it.
Wow, he posts that artwork and says it's bad, but he knows it isn't. He probably want people to compliment him. Clearly a solid case of Splat-Attack syndrome
by Mr Malt February 9, 2018
Management style where you throw shit (ideas) at the wall and see if it sticks
by RevBlueJeans February 25, 2017
A big-budget Hollywood movie that has lots of special effects and did well at the box office, but got a bad Rotten Tomatoes score.


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
Suicide Squad
Transformers: Age of Extinction
The only things in theaters right now are Big-Budget Splats.
by whiteboyz36 November 14, 2017