Used as a codeword for cumming on someone's ass. Often applied in polite company when you would like to talk dirty. Also indicated with a hand gesture ushering out two clenched fist into open 5 hands.
Man: ahh I wish your family wasn't here or I would splat all over you right now!
by Jadenmasongray July 15, 2019
In Cleveland, splat is another name for a gun. Synonyms; glizzy, gat, chop, ect.
"Ja'Quez said his splat on E, he wont be at the mosh"
by 3a1l5 August 1, 2022
the word splat is the past tense of split.
"no, it's your turn to split, I splat last time!" ( this was actually said ).
by me is typing March 5, 2018
Typically used as a substitute for a bad word. Most commonly shit.
"I have to take a huge splat"
by cuphltd September 9, 2022
"pop out that splat with that draco"

Ace Youngeen
by RNO Gang Bitch April 22, 2019
yo bro where the hoes at. Bro you know i got splats they coming over right now
by sheeeshgangy.@ January 24, 2022
When you cum😩😩😩
I just splatted in that girls eyes
by GodHatesSpooks November 2, 2016