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The area under the stairs (often a cupboard) where things are stored. Used in North Wales.
"Take off your boots and put them in the spench"
by Roddy Williams October 14, 2006
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To Spend a lot or to spend much. An individual who goes out and shops until they drop. excessive behaviour
#1 To Spend a lot

JOE -- Where's Lisa?
MIKE -- She's out buying some new shoes
JOE -- Again?
MIKE -- I know she's a spench but she can't help herself

#2 Excessive behaviour

MIKE -- Gary tries to impress the ladies too much
JOE -- He bought Lara a new car
MIKE -- What a spench!
JOE -- He's a double spench actually. He bought her a new wardrobe as well.
by Donald MacDonald November 15, 2005
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a combination of the words SPEND and MUCH. A spench is someone who spends much.
JOE - Have you seen Gary?
PHIL - He's out buying a new boat
JOE - That guy bought a new boat last year
PHIL - He's always buying stuff
JOE - What a spench
by Donald MacDonald November 10, 2005
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TO EJACULATE SEMEN. shooting CUM shooting sperm. Erupting JIZZ. Popping off after sex. Shooting spack on something. Orgasming after some hot fucking.
Lisa was being a bitch in bed, so I pulled out and SPENCHED on her face.
by Mark Kosobucki April 13, 2008
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Female offspring of French and Spanish parents. Incredibly gorgeous, and usually wealthy. They are very easy to manipulate. And thus is the real reason for them.
"So, how was your date?"
"Dude. She's such a Spench. She's freakin' hot, and I can get her to buy me pretty much anything I want."
by starcrumb January 04, 2009
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To pass time in a highly unformfortable, or painful way.
Can't go out Thursday. I'll be spenching the night away on that English essay.

Lunch break was spenched when SHE came to sit at our table.

Go on! Spench all your time with him!
by For a man of his age... March 15, 2011
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A hybrid of the Spanish and French languages, usually used in a joking sense between people that take French or Spanish as a class in high school.
Guy: hey don’t you take Spench
Girl: im sorry, what?
Guy: yeah, you know, spanish-french? Ah forget it.
by Vinman7122 October 29, 2017
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