A lovely town located in Southeastern Pennsylvania. When North Wales comes to mind, one might think of Roots and People. Known for its big mawfuckin' castle playground cause that shit is mammoth.

Right next to Parkside is the Parkside Place courts where competitive summer league goes down. The league is called Upper Gwynedd.

mawfucks eat at Tony's Pizza (not a chain)

North Wales aka N-Dubb
Stevenson: I'm heading back home to North Wales for the weekend.
Johnman: Ah, isn't that where one might find Roots and People?
Stevenson: That is correct!
by Bassfisher45 May 17, 2010
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A boring little town in Pennsylvania.
Also referred to in an attempt to be gangster, N-Dubb.
A combonation of very privleged, semi-rich kids and kids whose families don't have much money.
John: Wanna chill in North Wales?
Artie: You mean N-Dubb? Hell Yeah!
by Charity Anne April 11, 2007
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the northern part of wales.....
lets go to north wales, cos south wales is full of shit, shit people, shit buildings, shit football teams, shit, shit local councils, shit sheep and SHIT
by joesaysdance May 17, 2007
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Zip lining in North Wales is a slang term for a gay facial gangbang and rimjob with a group of friends and strangers, where one participant is tied up, and the other participants take it in turns to slide into his mouth, until they ejaculate, and then they move onto the bum hole for finishing. .ie at the bottom of the Zip Lining.
Dave was looking forward to a weekend of Zip Lining in North Wales, but his jaw wasn't!
by SquirrelRegis December 7, 2016
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